What Do We Do? | CMYK Community

What Do We Do?

go site To help us in our beliefs, stir us towards greater and greater things, and continually invite those around us into our community there are some things we do. Everyone is always welcome to jump into any of the spaces/tools below.


For thousands of years, enjoying a meal has been one of the most joyful, holy and sacred things a group of people can do together. You can call it a Bar-B-Que, family dinner, breaking bread or communion, but no matter the name, we think it’s significant. This is why our community revolves around meals together. Regular gatherings of friends, family, neighbors, and kids to share some food and talk about things that matter. We not only connect, but commit to serve and share what we have with those around us. It’s very laid back and very very important to us.


This is a time for the entire community (everyone at the meals and beyond) to connect with one another. We spend some time enjoying art, music, and singing. We also pray together and share in communion. This time is designed to invite everyone to participate and contribute to this community through your voice, heart, and action. We then hang out, share stories, get to know new people, and laugh a lot.


Podcasts - We live in the information age. There’s no shortage of things to watch, read, browse, click on and talk about. To add to the mix, we regularly create two podcasts to stir conversations about what we think matters.

http://parliamentpointe.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http:/parliamentpointe.com/duplex-photo-gallery/ 1. Talks
We think a well crafted talk can challenge, encourage, or enlighten as we work to live in community. These talks are driven by the Bible - we see these texts as primer to talk about things that really matter.

click here 2. Art Brews
Billings is filled with great art and people who are creating truly beautiful lives, business, and art. We want to share their story as a point of celebration and motivation for our own lives and creations.


Communities are filled with stories: stories of hope, joy, loss, doubt, struggle, pain, and wonder. We see the best way to share these are through well designed magazines that showcase these stories and document where we’ve been and where we’re headed as a community. These are free magazines for anyone looking to share in the life of the CMYK Community.